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Uncles Rollie Car

"Uncle's Rollie Car" - sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Uncle Rollies Car", or just Pillsbury Doughboy Uncle Rollie, is one of the interesting, and expensive, Pillsbury Doughboy collectibles.

Made in 1974 and 1975, Poppin' Fresh's Uncle is a PVC finger puppet in this toy. He has a broad moustache common in years gone by. He wears a green scarf around his neck and his is yellow and orange.

Accompanying the puppet is a blue car with very rounded edges. As the car moves along the eyes on the headlights move and the rumble seat opens and closes. There is also a motor sound the car makes when it is being pushed along.

The car shown in the picture above, in great condition and in its original box, sold for $300. We have also seen this toy sell for $250 without the box. The car in good condition by itself, with no Uncle or anything else, sold for $100. The Uncle Rollie finger puppet has been sold by itself for $80.

What is it called a rollie car? We haven't yet determined that for a fact. If you know this bit of doughboy trivia let us know!

Here are some more pictures of this adorable toy:

Another side of the box, illustrating in early 1970s psychadelic yellow and orange colors, the moveable features of the car.

The rumble seat in the back opens and closes.

There is a Plunka Plunka motor sound as the rollie car moves.

The headlight eyes move to the left and to the right.

The uncle is a finger puppet which can be separately played with.

This side of the box says the Uncle's Rollie Car is distributed by Pillsbury Playthings in Chicago.

Made for ages 2 to 7, the product is listed as "Safe Durable * Headlight 'Eyes' Move * Rumble Seat Opens, Closes * Pleasant Motor Sound * Uncle is a Finger Puppet".

The copyright date for this box is 1975.

Poppin's Uncle sitting in his rollie car.

The front of the car showing the headlights.

The bottom of the car. The copyright date imprinted on the bottom is 1974.

Many sellers refer to 1974 as the date of the toy because the imprint on the bottom. Few also have the box which shows a distribution date of 1975.

The back of the car with the rollie license plate.

Sizes: The uncle finger puppet is three and one-half inches tall. The rollie car is seven and one-quarter inches long, four and one-half inches wide, and three and three-quarter inches high.

This car is rare and hard to find. If you see it is available you may want to move fast!

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