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Poppin Fresh Playhouse

Poppin Fresh Playhouse

This Pillsbury Doughboy Doll House, officially the Poppin Fresh Playhouse, comes in a vinyl carry case with unfolds to show the inside of a three-level doll house where one can play with the doughboy and a little imagination.

In the above picture is the front of the playhouse plus five different finger puppets to play in the house. This item is not often seen, but the one we saw for sale included both the doll house and puppets, but we cannot confirm that is a full set originally sold together.

Here are more pictures of this interesting collectible:

The inside of the playhouse. You can see all three levels plus the fold out area in front. Everything is blue and white.

This picture shows the official name of the product as Poppin' Fresh Playhouse as used by Pillsbury.

The vinyl carry case helps keep everything together without pieces getting lost. The top is plain white, but as you can see the side helps let everyone know what is inside.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Pillsbury Playhouse, in good but not excellent condition, sell with the five finger puppets for $170.

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1974 Playthings Playhouse Poppin Poppie Bun Bun Popper Fresh

Pillsbury Playthings - Poppin' Fresh Playhouse - 1974 New with Original Box

Poppin fresh playhouse + pillsbury 1971 doughboy

Trivia: The Doughboy's girlfriend is Poppie Fresh.

Rare 1974 Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Vinyl Playhouse With Figures Mint Mint In Box Boxed

Trivia: For high end Dough Boy collectibles the Danbury Mint has been the top provider for years.



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