Pillsbury Doughboy Toy Selection

Many Pillsbury Doughboy toys have been made over the years - especially dolls.

Here are few notables we have seen. Many other pages in our collectibles website will have more specific information about particular products.

The Pop n' Fresh doll is very popular, but this is a unique twist:

The doll is on a stand for easier viewing! This Doughboy doll is made of soft rubber and is about 7 inches high. The sturdy plastic stand makes it easy to show-off your treasure.

Here is a rarity, a wood Doughboy button puppet.

Kids today are largely unfamiliar with these toys, where the figurine on top bends into different shapes as you press the button on the bottom. Even rarer is to find a toy made of wood instead of plastic.

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*Rare Vintage Cast Metal Art Toy Head Mold figural htf

Collection - Cookie Jar - Plush Toy - Magnets - Salt

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1997 Telephone, Giggle Doll, Plastic filled with toys Clock +


Trivia: For high end Dough Boy collectibles the Danbury Mint has been the top provider for years.

1970s Pillsbury Poppin & Poppie Fresh Doughboy Dolls 7" vinyl toy figures MIB

Pillsbury Poppin & Poppie Fresh Doughboy Doll Set 7" vinyl toy figures in box

1996 37th Gumball Candy Vending Machine W/ Original Box

~ Sound Machine Semi Truck ~ 1991 Sound Machine Semi Truck ~

Hot and Fresh in Minutes Toy Diesel ~ Truck

Nylint Semi Truck

Trivia: The Doughboy has a cat and his name is Biscuit.