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Pillsbury Doughboy Timer

The Pillsbury Doughboy timer was released in 1997 and has two magnets on the back.

It shows the Doughboy next to a timer in the shape of a cookie jar.

This is the Pillsbury Doughboy Magnetic Kitchen Timer.

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Rare 1997 pillsbury dough boy magnetized digital kitchen timer

Magnetic Timer 1992 Poppin Fresh Tested R2
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1992 Poppin Fresh Magnetic Kitchen Timer FREE SHIP

Trivia: The Doughboy is Pillsbury's most popular character.

1992... Poppin Fresh...Digital Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Trivia: The Pillsbury Company was started by Charles and John Pillsbury.

1992 Poppin Fresh Magnetic Kitchen Timer - FREE SHIPPING!

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Poppin Fresh Kitchen Timer from Germany - Rare Collectible

Trivia: The Doughboy's girlfriend is Poppie Fresh.



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