Pillsbury Doughboy Spoon Rest Selection

Spoon rests are not as fashionable these days as in the past. But that doesn't mean you cannot collect them!

There have been a few Pillsbury Doughboy spoon rests made over the years.

On this page you will find pictures and information about selected spoon rests. Farther down on the page are listings of spoon rests currently available for purchase.

This ceramic Doughboy spoon rest was made in 1997 by Benjamin and Medwin, and popular maker of collectible items. This is probably the most common, but also the most popular Doughboy spoon rest.

Here is the backside showing the Benjamin and Medwin logo. The piece is about 8 inches long.

This cute spoon rest shows your favorite Pillsbury Doughboy holding a plate of cookies ready to eat!

The picture shows the spoon rest with its original packaging from Pillsbury.

This "double" spoon rest is rarely seen.

Made of ceramic by Benjamin and Medwin, it has a checkerboard depiction of the Doughboy in several fun poses.

It is about 6-3/4 inches by 5-1/2 inches in size. Here are pictures of the backside for authenticity:

This colorful spoon rest shows the Doughboy with bright red, checkered oven mitts.

This is an adorable piece and may be our favorite spoon rest!

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Ceramic Spoon Rest Trivet - 1988

Ceramic Bank - 1985

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Plush Giggling Doll Retired-Spoon Rest- Love Squeeze Shirt 97

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1997 Utensil Holder Spoon Jar

Trivia: The General Mills Company now owns the Pillsbury Company.



Spoon Rest ** 1988 ** 8" H x 4" W

Benjamin and Medwin Poppin' Fresh Ceramic Spoon Rest 2002

vintage spoon rest. 1997