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Pillsbury Doughboy Necklace Selection

Here are a sample Pillsbury Doughboy necklace we found previously for sale:

Pillsbury Doughboy Necklace
Pillsbury Doughboy Necklace from 1996. This is an enamel charm necklace with a silver chain. The original Pillsbury card with the necklace is dated 1996.

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NEW 1996 Poppin Fresh Oven Mitt Pierced Earrings

NEW 1996 Poppin Fresh Pierced Earrings and Necklace Gift Set

NEW 1996 Poppin Fresh Rolling Pin Pierced Earrings

Trivia: The General Mills Company now owns the Pillsbury Company.

NEW 1996 Earrings, Necklace and Pin Gift Box Set - Poppin Fresh

NEW 1996 - Poppin Fresh Dough Boy

Excellent deal on this product. NEW 1996 Baker Rolling Pin Necklace - Poppin Fresh

NEW 1996 Chef Necklace - Poppin Fresh w Oven Mitts Dough Boy This one will go fast.



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