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A Doughboy keychain is a fun item to have wrapped with your keys. If anything, it is a conversation piece whenever anyone sees it!

This classic Pillsbury Doughboy keychain shows Poppin Fresh in his classic happy pose.

The keychain was originally made in 1997. The Doughboy is large, about 4 inches long, and made of vinyl. The picture above shows the cute keychain in its original package.

Here is another picture of keychain with a picture of a second, smaller and flat keychain collectible.

The "Poke My Tummy" keychain, this fun collectible was made in 1996. It is shown in its original packaging with both front and back pictures.

The difficult choice with a collectible like this is ... do you take it out of the packaging?

This keychain showing the Doughboy is fan-made and not from Pillsbury. Whether it becomes a collectible remains to be seen.

Still, it shows you an interesting idea. You could get a blank, plastic keychain piece, print a picture of the Doughboy and cut it to size, and have your own interesting item.

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Rare 1960s Solid Brass Poppin' Fresh Keychain Dough Boy

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Pillsbury doughboy classic style keychain Check out this product for more details.

Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain

Rare 1996 Fun-4-all Keychain 3.75" Head turns around

Cookie Cutter and Key Chain Ring Fob DOUGHBOY 1989 Rare

Trivia: The Pillsbury Company was started by Charles and John Pillsbury.

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'Very Rare' key chain

A steal you need to check out. NEW 1996 Gardener Keychain - Poppin Fresh Dough Boy

NEW 1996 Heart Metal Keychain - Poppin Fresh Key Chain

Look at this. NEW 1996 Enamel Metal Keychain - Poppin Fresh Key Chain

- New in Package 1996

TPC 1996 Rubber Keychain

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NEW 90's Poppin Fresh Flat Keychain - Rare Dough Boy KC!

*NEW* (X2) KEYCHAIN "Poppin Fresh" Figural Key Ring *SEALED*

Trivia: The General Mills Company now owns the Pillsbury Company.

Look at this. Keychain Keyring 1990 Rare - New in Original Package

NIP 1996 Poppin Fresh Figural Soft Poke Keychain FREE SHIP!

2010 New Old Stock sealed package Three Inches Poppin Fresh

New listing. Get this Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain before others find it.

Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain

Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain

Keychain Keyring Advertising Promotional Key Fob Cook Chef

2009 Still sealed.

Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain

Trivia: The Doughboy's girlfriend is Poppie Fresh.

2004 KEY CHAIN--4 3/4" Long-1 1/2"Split Ring
New listing. Get this Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain before others find it.

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Key Chain Ring -Fob DOUGHBOY Rare

Trivia: The General Mills Company now owns the Pillsbury Company.

NEW Poppin Fresh Flat Keychain Key Chain FREE SHIPPING!

2004 Poppin Fresh Figure Plastic Keychain

Pillsbury Doughboy Keychain

Rare Collection Lot of 5 Plush Plastic Ceramic Key Chain



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