Pillsbury Doughboy Cookie Jar

Collecting Overview

Of the thousands of possible Pillsbury Doughboy collectible items, the one that is most popular is the cookie jar. There are many different cookie jars available.

There are different reasons for this popularity. The first is size. These jars are sizable, noticeable, and as a result make fabulous gifts that are not concealed away in some album or shelf. Kitchen jars are also colorful, bright, and fun. Finally, they are of course functional. You need to bake some cookies to always have on hand in your jar.

There are three varieties of cookie jars you will want to look for to add to your collection. These are called the McCoy, Danbury, and Benjamin and Medwin jars. Each of these jars are collectors items. It is up to you, but you may want to skip the functional part if you ever want to sell these items for money. Or they can just be fun items for your family to appreciate.

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McCoy Cookie Jar
McCoy Cookie Jar
Cookie Jar 1988
1988 Benjamin and Medwin Cookie Jar
Danbury Mint Cookie Jar
Danbury Mint Cookie Jar
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The McCoy Cookie Jar

The McCoy jar is ceramic and shows the doughboy in a chef's hat carrying a red spoon. His eyes are painted blue and his outfit has two red buttons.

Authentic McCoy ceramic pieces will have the word McCoy physically imprinted into the bottom of the jar. For Pillsbury this would be 183 above with McCoy printed below. Authentic jars are a little more than 10 inches in height.

McCoy is a famed manufacturer of ceramic collectibles, so these jars are valuable and sometimes hard to find.

Danbury Mint Cookie Jar

A jar by the Danbury Mint displays a vibrant picture of the doughboy holding a large chocolate chip cookie in front of a plate with several fresh yummy cookies. The top handle of the jar used to take off the top is a cute chef's hat.

The Danbury Mint is a contemporary maker of premium ceramic gifts. They are known to be quite detailed and colorful, and always make fantastic items to collect.

Benjamin and Medwin Cookie Jar

In 1988 Benjamin and Medwin created a commonly sold ceramic dough boy jar. The jar is sparkling white and the doughboy's head comes off as the top of the jar.

Authentic jars have imprinted on the bottom that they were created by Bejamin and Medwin in New York in 1988, and that the jar was actually made in Thailand. These products are generally more easily found than the McCoy and Danbury jars.

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1988 COOKIE JAR NOS In The Box

Trivia: For high end Dough Boy collectibles the Danbury Mint has been the top provider for years.

LARGE VTG 1992 COOKIE JAR Poppin Fresh w/Cupcake 24 Yrs. Old!

Trivia: The Pillsbury Company was started by Charles and John Pillsbury.

vintage mccoy pottery pillsbury doughboy cookie jar

Trivia: The Doughboy is one of the world's most popular characters.




Vintage Ceramic Cookie Jar by McCoy - Bobby Baker

Vintage McCoy "Bob Baker" Cookie Jar

Vintage Cookie Jar Low Hat Marked USA McCoy 183 {DD101}

Interested in Cookie Jars Generally?

Vandor Cookie Jars - Vandor makes extremely bright and colorful cookie jars featuring famous Americana people and icons. Although they have not made a Pillsbury or Doughboy featured cookie jar, you can see how a Vandor cookie jar would make a great complement for your collection.

Aunt Jemima Cookie Jars - If you want an 'all cooking' theme you could add an Aunt Jemima cookie jar. These are generally older, although newer jars are available. I'm not sure this quite fits with the dough boy, but it may go well in your kitchen or collectible collection.