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Pillsbury Computer Selection

Here are some sample Pillsbury Doughboy computer related items we found previously for sale:

Pillsbury Doughboy Computer Game
This was a promotional cd-when you purchase any 3 Pillsbury products you received this cd free-a $19.99 value.

Numerous fun games were included such as: Golden Books Family Entertainment. Fun Family Recipes, The Poky Little Puppy, Visual Puzzles.

Requirements to run this software include Windows 95/98, Pentium 200 MHz, or a Machintosh.

Get ready for hours of fun with dozens of Pillsbury mealtime ideas and recipes! Golden Books character games and puzzles. Alley 19" bowling game, dozens of trivia teasers and word games.

Pillsbury Doughboy Mousepad
Pillsbury Doughboy Mousepad

Pillsbury Doughboy Hee-Hee Mousepad
Pillsbury Doughboy Hee-Hee Mousepad

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Pillsbury Funfetti Vibrant Green Cupcake and Cake Mix, 8.25 Ounce Pack of 12
This pillsbury listing ends in less than 24 hours!




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