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Pillsbury Doughboy Canister Set

This amazing canister set was made in 2000 by Danbury:

There are not simply 4 different pieces. Note how the pictures flow together when they are placed side by side! Each canister also gives an idea of what it could be used for: flour, sugar, coffee, and tea.

This Doughboy canister set is a real collectible!

Value and Pricing: We have seen this canister set (sometimes referred to as an eight piece set when lids are included) sell for $100 with an appraised value of $140.

Here are some larger pictures of each item in the set. As you can see, these are really beautiful items that will shine in your home. The lid of each canister has a baker's hat instead of a regular handle to add that extra little detail which helps make this set so wonderful.

The Doughboy is getting all of his ingredients together, including flour needed to make his cookies.

Cookies have been made and our friendly little baker is now busy making sugar icing to put on top.

Time for a coffee break as our busy baker is having fun putting the icing on top of his cookies.

Cookies have been made, iced and it is now cookie and tea time. The Doughboy is shown with a simmering kettle of tea and two plates of yummy cookies read to be devoured.

Here is the bottom of each canister authenticating it is from 2000 and made by the Danbury Mint.

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Pillsbury Doughboy Canister Set

Trivia: The Doughboy has a dog and his name is Flapjack.



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