Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles
General Household Gifts

Some of the Pillsbury Doughboy household gifts we have previously seen:

Sumptuously smelling Pillsbury Doughboy Candles with/without plain Ceramic or Candle Holders.

The decorative Doughboy Lighted Tree & Cookie Ornament.

The adorable Pillsbury Doughboy Address Labels, Contact Cards, and Checkbooks.

There is also the attractive Mouse Pad, Wall Clock, and Tote Bag.

You and your loved ones will delightfully cherish adorable Pillsbury Doughboy gifts for a long time!

doughboy bangle watch

This Doughboy bangle watch makes a great gift.

It is metal with polished chrome, and enameled with wraparound art showing cute pictures of the Doughboy!

This creative watch is very colorful and you can be sure your friends will want to take a closer look.

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