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Danbury Mint Pillsbury Doughboy One Smart Cookie Sculpture

Danbury Mint - Pillsbury Doughboy One Smart Cookie Sculpture

Limited edition of 5000.

As the Doughboy becomes thoroughly "bread" while slogging through great classics in this cute porcelain hand crafted model, one will not miss the mischievous glint in his eyes.

7-1/4 inches in height, this "One Smart Cookie" sculpture is a study of being a smart cookie and a must have addition to one's home.

The studious boy is a welcome sight and the vibrant colors with which the porcelain has been painted, will definitely warm your heart, as you will recall those days of youth when your mother pushed you to study.

An important and a sentimental addition to your home, this adorably studious Doughboy reminds you and your kids of the joys of reading and writing.

The piled books are all bread and words with beautiful colors and the Doughboy stands trying to make sense from the smallest one of them.

An aesthetically and heartwarming figure sculpture, for sure let this Doughboy grace your home.

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