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Danbury Mint Pillsbury Doughboy Perfect Pop Votive

Danbury Mint - Pillsbury Doughboy Perfect Pop! Votive

The Pillsbury Doughboy is going to make you some popcorn with this amazing Votive. It is a popping piece!

Magnificently hand painted and crafted from highest quality porcelain, the piece comes with its own votive candle.

You just have to sit back on your recliner and the Doughboy will make your movie experience extra fun.

The Doughboy does not believe in half measures so he is shovelling the popcorn using a custom designed shovel.

The Danbury Mint- Pillsbury Doughboy Perfect Pop! Votive figurine is accentuated by the votive candle to keep the fires burning.

His "Hot popcorn" is always ready for you. Grab the "popped up" Doughboy for an unexpectedly wonderful gift.

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