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Danbury Mint Pillsbury Doughboy Gingerbread House Cookie Jar

Danbury Mint Pillsbury Doughboy Gingerbread House Cookie Jar

In the "must have" category, this wonderfully detailed ceramic cookie jar features the Doughboy and a doughboy snowman.

Our little baker in a red and pink apron is busily decorating the front of his gingerbread house. To the side, beneath a window is a snowman that looks just like Poppin' Fresh. To the other side is a Christmas tree with lots of white icing and a yellow star on top which matches the yellow candy star on top of the house.

The doughboy is hanging a red berried wreath above the door, adorned in a large blue bow with white polka dots.

The remainder of the house is decorated with many candies. On the front it says "Cookies" as this is also a cookie jar.

The back of the gingerbread house is decorated, but plain compared to the front. It has two snowy windows and a few red bows.

This side of the gingerbread house has a snow shovel - although it appears it is getting buried in the snow.

This other side of the gingerbread house appears much like the backside - yummy.

Here is the cookie jar with the top off so you can see which part is cookie jar and which is the removable top.

Value and Pricing: We have seen this cookie jar sell for a little more than $100 - and that may have been a great deal for such a detailed piece.

If this cookie jar is not available, or if you are interested in other doughboy cookie jars, see our special cookie jar page for other fun jars.

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