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Danbury Mint Dough-Re-Mi Pillsbury Doughboy Figurine

Danbury Mint - Dough-Re-Mi The First Danbury Mint Limited-Edition Pillsbury Doughboy Figurine

Presenting the first limited edition of beautifully designed and meticulously hand painted Pillsbury Doughboy Figurine in the Danbury Mint - Dough-Re-Mi series.

The set reflects the loveable Doughboy, baking his trademark delicious sugar cookies, while enjoying a musical rhythm.

This Danbury Mint - Dough-Re-Mi scene is crafted with careful precision in cold-cast porcelain and is skillfully hand painted in vibrant colors.

In a striking blend and a contrast of predominantly white and blue colors, the scene is staged on a dough-covered roller-pin.

It shows America's most loved Pillsbury Doughboy in a dancing mood with his baking tools.

The blue colored apron clad Doughboy is seen happily drumming the star cast in his left hand with a ladle in his right hand.

An open recipe book in the background imparts entirety to the scene.

Measuring 6-3/4 inches in height, The Danbury Mint - Dough-Re-Mi, The First Danbury Mint Limited-Edition Pillsbury Doughboy Figurine view is well accessorized with a star-shaped and two circular cookies, three blue ladles, and one circular cast. This eye-catching Pillsbury Doughboy Figurine collectible definitely makes for a wonderful gift and can be an attractive, inspiring (for baking), and complimentary showpiece for the kitchen or dining area.

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