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Pillsbury Doughboy Danbury Mint Christmas Cookie Jar

Danbury Mint - The Pillsbury Doughboy™ Christmas Cookie Jar

The Christmas Doughboy featured in this Cookie Jar stands out in a glamorous and a festive presentation of the Doughboy's home.

A wonderful blend of utility and aesthetics, the predominantly red and green colored jar is covered with cookies, quite unlike what you have seen and used.

The Doughboy is seen putting the wreath, while the baker's snowman version stands besides it.

This hut shaped ceramic jar is enclosed by an airtight top, which seals in the freshness of the cookies and keeps the secret of your baking alive.

The elegant cookie laden top is altered by the smooth patterns of red and white, which accentuate the charm of this jar.

The jar is designed specifically to not allow the cookie edges to break or powder, while also ensuring that the cookies are delivered, as they are baked fresh! A must addition to every kitchen/cabinet shelf, the cooking jar is also an item you can gift and receive unhesitatingly to impress a friend, colleague, relative, or even your boss’s wife. The jar is simple and unfailingly elegant to keep it on your table as a memento.

A rare combination of utility and elegant art, the Danbury Mint – The Pillsbury Doughboy Christmas Cookies Jar is a must have on your kitchen counter.

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