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Pillsbury Doughboy Danbury Mint Charm Necklace

Danbury Mint - Pillsbury Doughboy™ Charm Bracelet

Danbury Mint - Pillsbury Doughboy™ Charm Necklace

Here is the limited edition contemporary and chic Pillsbury Doughboy Charm Necklace. It is a richly crafted and unique fashion accessory.

This adorable 24K gold plated trinket features America's favorite kitchen helper, the Doughboy, in three different baking modes.

The figurines in the necklace are adorned with multi-colored decorative crystals and enamel accents.

This feminine piece is an exquisite accessory for any attire.

The neckpiece consists of a long, metallic chain, suspended with sleek pendants, spotlighting the Pop 'N' Fresh, and his kitchen tools such as a ladle and a roller-pin.

The centerpiece pictures the Doughboy on a glistening, red colored, heart-shaped pendant.

The chain, 18 inches in length with a 2 inch extender, is skillfully adorned with cute motifs and the crystal stones of delightful cuts and styles.

The Pillsbury Doughboy Charm Necklace is perfect as an ornament and just as perfect a gift for a new homemaker, to appreciate her newly acquired culinary skills.

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