Danbury Mint - Pillsbury Doughboy™ Canister Collection

Danbury Mint - Pillsbury Doughboy™ Canister Collection

Here is a charming set of keenly crafted Pillsbury Doughboy Canisters, promising utility, as well as style. These canisters are ideal for your kitchen storage. Packaged in a set of four canisters of storage capacities, varying from 53 to 103 ounces, these canister sets highlight Doughboy in a theme running in continuation from one canister to the other. Designed in high quality, glazed ceramic, the Pillsbury Doughboy Canisters also make up as great gift items.

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1960's J.L.Clark, Canister Set Pillsbury's Best, Domino, Maxwell House

1991 Original Issue Funfetti Ceramic Cupcake Cookie Jar MIB

PILLSBURY Doughboy WANNA COOKIE? Cookie Jar Canister Kitchen Home Art Decor

Vintage 1988 Ceramic Cookie Jar - White (S5219)

Trivia: For high end Dough Boy collectibles the Danbury Mint has been the top provider for years.

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Vtg Pillsbury Poppin' Fresh Glass Canister W/ 1971 Rubber Doughboy Swivel Head

Vintage Cookie Jar Canister 1988 No Logo On Hat

RARE Cinnamon Rolls 2 Golf Balls Sealed Canister

Vintage Anchor Hocking Poppin Fresh Glass Cookie Jar Canister

Cookie Jar - 2000 Canister Collection

Trivia: The Doughboy has a cat and his name is Biscuit.