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Pillsbury Doughboy Chef Hat

Finding a Pillsbury Doughboy Costume can be really hard. You would think a doughboy Halloween costume would not be a problem.

But it is. Unfortunately.

This is a much searched for costume every year. And every year Pillsbury fails to license out the doughboy.

Most likely, if you do not see what you are looking for you may have to create your own Pillsbury Doughboy costume.

This is what you are going need to do ...

Chef Hat

Start with the hat. This is the easiest part of making a doughboy costume. What you need to do is buy a chef's hat.

Doughboy Chef Hat

One very special way to buy a personalized chef's hat.

This picture is made from this website
- one of my favorite gift sites!

One good reason for personalizing your hat with "Doughboy" is to help make sure people know what your costume is. You are not just a fat chef. You are the Pillsbury Doughboy!

This little touch will go a long way in helping others quickly understand your fun costume.

White Scarf

Next, you need a white scarf to go around your neck.

Technically, you're done. Look at the Doughboy again - he's naked!

Getting Plump

What you will also want to wear are white clothes including a white t-shirt that you can tuck into your pants. Then fill out your t-shirt with pillow covers and other items that you might use to make it look like you were pregnant or a fat Santa. This will help you get the rounded Doughboy look.


As a final touch, wear an apron to highlight you are working in the kitchen.

There. Now you have a Pillsbury Doughboy Halloween Costume.

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This one is worth looking at. SPROUT (Pillsbury Green Giant) Toddler Halloween Costume 2-4 Years Rare 1997

Click Here for Chef Hats (works perfectly as a Doughboy Costume Hat)



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