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An Unauthorized Guide to Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles

Except for this website, of course, this is the most extensive publication about Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles. It also has an informative price guide. However, to really know what prices merchandise is currently bringing, you need to review the product pages within this website.

This 2004 book has hundreds of color pictures of the Pillsbury Doughboy. Listed are are hundreds of Doughboy cookie jars, dolls, kitchen ware, salt and pepper shakers, banks, Bake-off plates, Christmas items, and much more. Products are also described in detail with their manufacturer and estimated value range.

If you collect the Doughboy, or are simply interested in seeing the interesting range of Doughboy products, this is a must have book.

Pillsbury Doughboy CookBooks

To help you serve your family's and your own palate delectably and quickly, Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles bring to you a wide range of cookbooks. Colored illustrations, charts, and a methodical approach for each step, make cooking a delight to those too tied up as well as for amateur cooks. The Pillsbury Doughboy Cookbooks take care of the nutritional value of the food, while informing you of the same. Some broad categories available here at doughboycollectibles.com include: Festive Season Cookbooks. Enjoy the festivities with:

  • Pillsbury Family Christmas Cookbook

  • Family Recipes. Relish the mealtime with family, serving them with anything cooked with the help of:

  • Pillsbury Doughboy Family Pleasing Recipes
  • Pillsbury Doughboy Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Pillsbury Best Chicken Cookbook
  • Pillsbury Complete Cookbook, Bonus Edition with Lay Flat Binder
  • Quick Recipes. These cookbooks, designed to cater to the busy lifestyles, include mouthwatering recipes that can be made from easily available ingredients, in no time. The options here are:

  • Pillsbury 30-Minute Meals
  • Pillsbury C'mon Over
  • Pillsbury Fast & Healthy Cookbook
  • Pillsbury Fix It Fast
  • Appetizers, Snacks & Desserts Cookbooks. For some light munches:

  • Pillsbury Appetizers
  • Pillsbury Bake-off Winners
  • Pillsbury Best Cookies Cookbook
  • Pillsbury Best Desserts
  • Pillsbury Best Muffins and Quick Breads Cookbook



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