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A popular item, but sometimes hard to find, is Pillsbury Doughboy curtains. Here are some classic curtains in great demand:

These Doughboy 'Applie Pie' curtains are white with small colored dots. The Pillsbury Doughboy is shown on a dark blue background with stars along a bottom stripe. Also in the stripe is a picture of an apple and pie and other related items.

Made in 1999, this style can be found in full curtains, and also as a valance.

Here is what original packaging looks like.

Value and Pricing: We saw two pair of new Pillsbury Doughboy curtains sell for $108. The seller on the package is listed as Tier. The style is All American Boy 392TT. The set is sixty inches wide and twenty-four inches high. Included in the package was one pair of tier curtains, one valence, and one pair of ruffled swags.

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Pillsbury Doughboy Curtain

Valance Curtain Worth checking out more at this price.

Ruffled Valance and Curtain Kitchen Super Cute Dated 1998

Trivia: The Pillsbury Company was started by Charles and John Pillsbury.

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