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Pillsbury Doughboy Clocks

Here are some Pillsbury Doughboy clocks we have found. Further below are doughboy clocks currently available for sale.

Pillsbury Doughboy Clock Black
This is a 8.75" Pillsbury Doughboy Wall Clock with a plastic exterior and crystal clear glass face with Quartz accuracy. One "AA" Battery is required.

Danbury Mint Pillsbury Doughboy Clock
This is a rare and very beautiful clock figurine created by the Danbury Mint.

Pillsbury Doughboy Personalized Clock
Not so rare, this is a sample of cheap plastic clocks someone has bought where they have put on the Pillsbury Doughboy (unauthorized) and then offered to personalize with your name.

On the one hand, this is a fun idea. On the other hand, not a collectible, and remember - these are unauthorized.

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Clocks serve not only as a device for timekeeping, but also as the ornamental pieces of décor for your home or office.

Pillsbury Doughboy Collectibles presents a wide and an exquisite range of wall clocks and alarm clocks set in vibrant colors, different shapes, and sizes.

These trendy clocks featuring the endearing Doughboy, add to the charm of your home.

A Pillsbury Doughboy Personalized Wall Clock is just the clock, with a personal touch, for your kitchen with your own name printed on it!

Some Pillsbury Doughboy clocks highlight Pop ‘N’ Fresh against a dark backdrop, making them great artistic additions to your home and are also a great gift for your loved ones. Some also come with an option for personalization at no added cost. However, do not forget to peek at the Pillsbury Doughboy Talking Wall Clock that gives you a Woo Hoo every hour!

Pillsbury Doughboy also has an amazing collection of alarm clocks that run on battery and carry with them, a remarkable aesthetic appeal.

Look for the Danbury Mint Pillsbury Doughboy "Time for Pie" Clock. It is a result of vivid imagination and skilled artisanship. Casted in glistening porcelain, this timepiece represents a perfect blend of white and royal blue, specifically designed to brighten up your mood.

So check out these incredible clocks and have a great time with the Doughboy!

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RARE HUGE 1950s Pillsbury's Best Feed Lighted Sign Hanging Clock NM WORKS!

Trivia: The Doughboy is one of the world's most popular characters.


Rare Little Sprout Alarm Clock - 1985 Pillsbury
New listing. Get this pillsbury clock before others find it.

1986 Poppin' Fresh Figural Quartz AM/FM Quartz Clock Radio NM

Trivia: Other members of the Doughboy's family are GrandPopper and GranMommer.

1986 Junghans Germany Quartz Alarm Clock 1974 Salt

PILLSBURY Doughboy Battery Powered Kitchen Clock

wall Clock Ten Inches will be nice Gift and Room wall Decor Z04

Trivia: The Doughboy has a cat and his name is Biscuit.

A steal you need to check out. Wall Clock

The Battery Operated Clock 1997

1912 Saginaw Mich Pillsbury Town Clock Tower Postcard

pillsbury clock

pillsbury clock

Time For Pie Clock Danbury Mint Cherry Needs Cleaned

Time For Pie Clock Danbury Mint Cherry Needs Cleaning

Great deal for the right person. 2 Rare PILLSBURY 1985 Green Giant Little Sprout Talking Alarm Clocks 1 AS-IS

Trivia: The Doughboy has a cat and his name is Biscuit.

Recently Sold

Recently Sold

Wall Clock Ten Inches Battery Power Advertising Promotion Decor 1996
New listing. Get this pillsbury clock before others find it.
Trivia: The Pillsbury Company was 93 years also before the Doughboy was created.



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